"Half the fun of remembering is the rearranging."

zondag 6 oktober 2019

All Hallow Eve

PDW Collaboration kit for oktober All Hallow eve https://www^plaindigitalwrapper^com/shoppe/product^php?productid=17944

The cat is my Gizmoh, who passed away 4 years ago at almost 16 years old. I still miss him too much. He was such a part of my life, also because of his diabetics, which scheduled my days. My son brought him to me as a mothersday present in 2000.

vrijdag 4 oktober 2019

oktober 2019 siggie

Around the world: Scandinavia

Designs by Romajo made some minikits and freebies for DSD, all related to what the Plain Digital Designers made for the theme Around the World

For the freebies, go to http://romajoscrap.blogspot.com/, you can find there how to get all the freebies

For the minikit Around the World: Denmark see here: https://www.plaindigitalwrapper.com/shoppe/product.php?productid=17958&cat=&page=1
And the minikit Around the World: Norway here: https://www.plaindigitalwrapper.com/shoppe/product.php?productid=17954&cat=&page=1
Solids and Woods papers here: https://www.plaindigitalwrapper.com/shoppe/product.php?productid=17959&cat=&page=1

zondag 29 september 2019

zondag 22 september 2019

Life is good

2nd Spotlight kit for september at Plain Digital Wrapper is Life is good by SouthernCreek Designs https://www^plaindigitalwrapper^com/shoppe/product^php?productid=17238&cat=&page=1

photo made by me in the Butterfly garden at Rotterdam Zoo Blijdorp