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zaterdag 25 mei 2013

There has a blogtrain left the station from Scraps from France.

Stop by at all the stations:
Carole Creations : http://digi-loulous.blogspot.com

Chanel designs : http://www.chaneldesigns.blogspot.ca/

Leaugoscrap : http://lea-ugo-scrap.over-blog.com/ <-- vous ĂȘtes ici

Marilou : http://lesscraps-demarilou.blogspot.fr/

Mariscrap : http://mimi-mariscrap.blogspot.fr/

Pliscrap : http://image-in-leblogdepliscrapdesign.blogspot.fr/

S.Designs : http://lapassiondudigiscrap.blogspot.fr/

Scrap de Yas : http://lescrapdeyas.blogspot.fr/

Tifscrap : http://tif-scrap.blogspot.fr/

Tigroune : http://le-scrap-de-tigroune.over-blog.com/

Xuxper : http://xuxperscrap.blogspot.fr/
I made this page with backgrounds and elements from the train

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